The University of Reston Office of the Registrar accurately and securely maintains paper and/or digital academic records for all previously and currently enrolled students.

These records include but are not limited to the following types of materials:

  • Unofficial and official student transcripts
  • Courses enrolled in and completed
  • Dates of enrollment
  • Grades received
  • Teacher evaluations
  • Disciplinary actions taken
  • Attendance records

Other forms required by the University’s graduate schools, administrators and faculty for student degree progress and completion These records are held and maintained in strict accordance with the policies and regulations established by the University of Reston administration and the school’s graduate schools. Paper copies of academic records will be maintained by this same university office for a period of five years after the student’s final term of attendance. Following this period, all such paper-based records will be securely physically destroyed. Digital copies of all records will be maintained indefinitely.

The Office of the Registrar works closely with the Admissions Office, all graduate school deans and their records-keeping staff and academic advisors to verify that students have completed the academic requirements for their degrees. It is therefore essential that students file all forms and other materials required for their degree program with their respective graduate school in a timely manner, and then confirm that those documents have been accepted.