Assisting individuals in successfully resolving any complaints / grievances they may have with other members of the University of Reston Community or regarding university-related matters is an organizational responsibility that is taken very seriously by the school.

In every case, the University seeks to protect persons filing informal or formal complaints from any form of retaliation from others while addressing and resolving their complaints / grievances as quickly as possible.

An academic-related complaint or grievance by a student may involve such issues as a course grade(s), admission to a program or major, academic probation or dismissal, etc.). Review of formal student complaints / grievances filed during academic semesters will normally begin within two weeks post-filing. Formal complaints / grievances filed during academic term breaks will be reviewed once all relevant staff and/or faculty members are available to participate in the process. Students have 60 days to file an academic-related complaint or grievance after: 1) their course grades for a given semester are posted, or 2) they have been informed of a decision by the University regarding their: admission into a program or major, academic probation, dismissal, etc.

The school’s administration strongly recommends that, in all cases and to the greatest extent possible, students with academic-related complaints / grievances attempt to informally resolve their issues with the offending person(s) / party or parties, etc., before making a formal complaint / grievance to the University.

The University has correspondingly set forth four different complaint / grievance processes that cover issues commonly found in higher educational settings:

  • Academic-related issues between students and the University
  • Discrimination, harassment or assault-related issues involving all members of the U or R Community
  • Student discipline issues between students and the University
  • Other issues

More information can be found in your student handbook.