Housing is an important consideration, as a variety of options are available when you start looking at where you will live when studying abroad.

If you are single and are looking to immerse yourself in American collegiate life, living in a campus residence hall (also known as a dormitory) with an American roommate may be appealing to you. Dormitories also have resident advisors (usually one on each floor) that are available to assist students with everything from campus directions to helping new students find activities and organizations that match their interests.

In many locations, students can find reasonably priced apartments or houses to rent. Also, you should be aware that some urban universities have little or no student housing.

University of Reston staff are available year-round to assist students in-person or over the phone with all questions pertaining to off-campus housing in the Herndon/Reston districts, as well as general residential life in the Washington DC Metro area.

The University’s support of students includes providing the services listed below:

  • An off-campus housing search process checklist
  • Up-to-date and relevant information about:
    • Common tools used in housing searches such as: University contacts, newspaper ads, the internet, apartment guides, realtors, posted for rent signs, word of mouth, etc.
    • Neighborhoods within commuting distance of the University of Reston where students typically reside
    • Different types of housing options available within commuting distance of the University of Reston
    • Local transportation options
    • Housing-related utilities
    • Rights and responsibilities of renters / homeowners
    • The leasing process from start to finish
    • The home buying process from start to finish
    • Common ways to resolve housing-related problems
    • How to avoid housing scams and fraud
    • Effective safety and security measures renters and homeowners can take
  • Personalized assistance from University of Reston staff members to assist students:
    • In conducting a comprehensive housing search using a variety of tools
    • In finding roommates or replacement tenants
    • Desiring to fully understand housing-related legal documents before signing them

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a personal housing consultation, please contact Housing and Residential Life Services by email at housing@universityofreston.com