To meet the University’s instructional goals and assist students in meeting their respective academic degree completion requirements, they are required to attend, participate in class-related group activities for the courses they have enrolled in during a given semester.

Attendance as used here is defined as student physical presence and active engagement in scheduled class sessions and class-related activities.

Under normal circumstances (i.e. non-emergency situations), students unable to attend a scheduled course session or course-related activity must contact their respective course instructor prior to the start of that meeting via email.

All students are expected to arrive to each class they are enrolled in by its scheduled start time and to remain in that class for the entire class period so as not to unnecessarily disturb the learning environment and other students. Those students arriving after a class has begun at the scheduled time but before the first fifteen (15) minutes of class have transpired, will be considered tardy (i.e. late).

Students arriving more than fifteen (15) minutes after the class is scheduled to begin will be marked absent. Each time they attend a scheduled class, students must sign the teacher-provided attendance sheet in order to be considered present. Students who arrive by the scheduled start of a class but fail to sign the attendance sheet prior to it being collected by the instructor will be considered late for that class session.