Externships are usually off-campus, career related experiences where students are temporarily placed into companies or other organization in the industry, they are thinking about entering into in the future

Externships normally take place at locations within commuting distance of the University’s campus and are scheduled on days without classes during the academic year, and at other convenient times during semester breaks and holidays. Other externships can be carried out by phone or video if the firms or organizations providing them are based outside of the Washington DC Metro area.

Such short-term placements – often lasting from a few hours to a full workday – enable students to gain a more accurate understanding of the requirements involved in a specific career path including scheduling demands and the skills needed to be successful in that type of work.

While participating in an externship, students can be assigned to do a number of appropriate short-term tasks by their professors or externship organizational personnel such as:

  • Tour the company/organization, observe, take notes and ask staff appropriate questions
  • Attend and participate in meetings or appointments with clients
  • Document the functions and duties of a specific type of job they are interested in by fully preparing for and systematically conducting information interviews with company/organizational personnel

Students desiring to participate in one or more externship opportunities arranged by the University of Reston must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have successfully completed at least one academic semester with a GPA of at least 2.5
  • Attend the University’s Introduction to Externships Seminar in its entirety with verified attendance
  • Work with the University of Reston’s Career Services Office to create a professional resume approved by this office
  • Pay an Externship Registration Fee (amount to be determined by externship details)