The University of Reston, as a higher educational institution preparing individuals from many cultural backgrounds for successful domestic and international careers,

values professionalism in student attire while also recognizing that appropriate casual dress on University property and at school-sponsored events can be entirely acceptable depending upon the specific context.

The University has accordingly not established a formal dress code for students but strongly recommends that they consistently follow the general principles regarding clothing and shoe use given below in order to maintain a learning, social and working environment for students, faculty, staff and others within the wider community that encourages personal and professional development and productivity.

Students of both genders are thus asked to refrain from wearing clothing that exposes large areas of the body (e.g. back or torso) such as, but not limited to tank tops, crop tops, low-riding pants or shorts, mini-skirts or shorts, low-cut tops. Additionally, within University buildings and facilities, students are expected to wear shoes, sandals, etc., and men are expected to wear shirts in public areas. Students who prefer to remove their shoes while engaged in acts of worship may do so, as long as their actions are disruptive to the environment or endanger the health and safety of others. University employees who believe a student is inappropriately dressed given the context have the authority – within established University guidelines – to address their concerns with that student and ask them to consult the Student Affairs Office for further guidance.