University of Reston College is dedicated to keeping the campus a secure and healthy place to live, work and study.

Although many procedures and much equipment are in place to ensure your safety, the ultimate responsibility for your wellbeing rests with you. It is important to develop habits and instincts that minimize risk for yourself and others while being supported by safety and security programs and services.

At University of Reston we do everything we can to make sure all students are able to grow and foster new opportunities while they learn. We therefore strive to provide a friendly, safe and supportive environment. We place high priority on safe and secure environment with a staff who works closely with the college, and city police, fire, and ambulance offices in providing safety services.

Personal safety is important to people everywhere, and your family may have concerns about you being safe while studying so far from home. Campus security and crime prevention, which is  a high priority on our campus.

Common security measures may include any number of the following: emergency and security access telephones throughout campus that connect directly to campus and/or local police; campus entrances that are gated and locked at night, where only students with school identification are allowed access from security staff after hours.