Teaching, public service, and academic research are the three primary and very important responsibilities University of Reston faculty carry out on-going basis during their careers. The latter duty of original, critical and rigorous academic research collectively or individually conducted in a wide range of disciplines and sub-disciplines is especially significant in that it directly contributes to the global advancement of knowledge along with enhancing the professional stature of the University and its faculty. Further, the innovative knowledge gleaned subsequently positively impacts the teaching of students and public service provided to the public. The University consequently strongly encourages and tangibly supports the conduct of academically sound research by faculty.

Such administrative support is provided by the Faculty Support Office and includes but is not limited to:

  • Research Training and Support Programs: Mentoring Programs, Continuing Education Programs, Grant-writing Support, etc.
  • External and internal funding sources advisement and financial assistance for new and existing research projects.
  • Research project management advisement and logistical support, including assisting with research-related travel expenses and, as necessary, generating modified teaching schedules to allow faculty to participate in certain long-term research projects.
  • Dissemination of significant research findings through digital and print publications; webinars; sponsorship of academic or professional industry conferences, roundtables, seminars, workshops, etc.

Faculty members interested in learning more about all available research opportunities at the University of Reston can reach the Faculty Support Office by email at facultysupport@universityofreston.com