Network and Systems Security

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January 6, 2021
Contact hours: 45
Lecture hours: 40
Lab hours: 5
RU 6202


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This course is an in-depth presentation of the theory and practice of Network Security. Students will learn basic knowledge of cryptography and its applications in modern network communications. The course studies firewall designs and virtual private networks while providing in-depth coverage of widely used security protocols such as SSL, TLS, SSH, Kerberos and IPSec. Countermeasures are discussed to distributed denial of service attacks, security of various routing protocols and the Domain Name System security, Email security and spam countermeasures, wireless security, multicast security and federated trust negotiation.


  • A comprehensive understanding on the subject of network security
  • A knowledge of network security research
  • A detailed understanding of the principles and techniques used in securing network, as well as the technical tasks and essential limitations of existing network security solutions
  • Preparation to become a skilled practitioner or independent scholar in network security

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3
Contact hours: 45
Lecture hours: 40
Lab hours: 5
Faculty office hours: faculty is available outside class hours by appointment, via email, and at scheduled times.
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