Marketing Management

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January 6, 2021
Contact hours: 45
Lecture hours: 35
Lab hours: 10
RU 6103


205 Van Buren Street, Suite 140, Herndon, VA 20170   View map

In this course the focus will be on development of market-based skills and knowledge for effective marketing, decision making, strategy design, and implementation. A wide range of institutional and competitive situations will be explored. The curriculum also addresses the importance of market driven companies with a focus on consumer trends. Case studies are emphasized, and the class requires team work on projects. Students are expected to design successful marketing material and understand proper management of a marketing team. This is a required course for the MBA degree.


  • Assess market opportunities by analyzing customers, competitors, collaborators, context, and the strengths and weaknesses of a company
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to achieve organizational objectives
  • Design a strategy implementation program to maximize its chance of success
  • Communicate and defend recommendations and critically examine and build upon the recommendations of classmates both quantitatively and qualitatively

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3
Contact hours: 45
Lecture hours: 35
Lab hours: 10
Faculty office hours: faculty is available outside class hours by appointment, via email, and at scheduled times.
Advising: faculty and career counselors are available to assist students with their career directions and questions.