Corporate Governance and Ethics

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January 6, 2021
Contact hours: 45
Lecture hours: 40
Lab hours: 5
RU 6700


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Emphases of this course are on the understanding of corporate governance concerns and ethical decision-making. Included topics are examination of internal and external governance issues, including international ones, and ethical analysis in current business environments. Students are expected to understand what corporate governance is, how is permeates the culture of an organization, and how it impacts partners and consumers. This is a required course for the MBA degree.


  • The concepts, essential principles, and stakeholders of corporate governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, citizenship and performance
  • Board and committee functions and structures and company officers’ training, induction, and behavior
  • Corporate governance in Australia: background and regulations
  • Principles of good corporate governance and corporate disclosure requirements
  • Corporate governance disclosure in practice
  • Future directions for corporate governance and considerations in corporate decision-making

Prerequisite: RU 6101, RU 6104
Credits: 3
Contact hours: 45
Lecture hours: 40
Lab hours: 5
Faculty office hours: faculty is available outside class hours by appointment, via email, and at scheduled times.
Advising: faculty and career counselors are available to assist students with their career directions and questions.