The University of Reston offers different installment payment plans to all students who wish to cover the costs of their tuition over time.

Rather than paying a given semester’s tuition fee all in one payment at time of application, students can opt to pay their tuition fees in smaller amounts over two, three- or four-month periods with a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per installment paid.

Participation in installment payment plans is possible beginning in the 2nd semester after a student’s enrolls in the University. However, students intending to pay their tuition in installments are encouraged to inform the University as far in advance as possible so that the school can prepare the funding necessary to support each student financially in this manner.

Student failure to pay any outstanding tuition-related or other fees charged to their account will result in the following consequences until such issues are fully resolved: their account will be placed on academic hold, late payment penalties will accrue, and they will be ineligible to participate in the school’s tuition installment payment plans.


Tuition Installment Payment Plan Application Procedures

Eligible students can apply to pay charged tuition fees through different installment payment plans using the University’s Online Student Portal.

Eligibility Criteria: Students meeting the following conditions are permitted to apply for tuition installment payment plan participation.

  • Have successfully completed at least one full semester of study at the University
  • Have no financial holds on their student account
  • Are currently enrolled in an academic program at the University
  • Have successfully registered for courses in the current term with a total tuition bill that exceeds $2,500.
  • The payment deadline for paying tuition fees in the current semester has not passed

All other administrative paperwork required by the University has been completed

After application submission, the University will notify the student of the outcome within ten (10) business days, either approving or denying the request. Students approved for participation then must make their first tuition installment payment on or before the date they submit their application for enrollment in that upcoming semester.

Payments by cashier’s check, personal check, or money order, made out to the University of Reston, or credit / debit cards can be made in person at the Office of the University Financial aid or by mail. Payments by credit / debit cards can also be completed using the online student portal.