University of Reston tuition and fees structure and other charges related to enrollment, such as deposits, fees, books and supplies, tools and equipment, and any other charges for which a student may be responsible.

University tuition fees cover all associated expenses with:

  • Campus Classroom Utilization
  • Campus computer lab Utilization
  • Library Utilization
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Parking on Campus
  • Student IDs ( ID Re-Issuance Requires an Extra Fee)

Student Counseling, Academic Guidance and Support, and Professional Career Guidance and Support

In addition, all electronically printed books (i.e. e-books) used in University of Reston academic programs are provided free of charge

Funds needed for personal expenses are not included in the above tuition fees.  Such expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Insurance
  • Lodging
  • Food

Traditionally Printed Books and Other Study Supplies

University of Reston tuition and fee structure as follows:


Per Credit Per Course Per Semester
$640.00 $1,920 $5,760.00


18 Months Program: 36 Credits:   $23,040.00       9 Credit for 4 semesters

ESTIMATED 2018-2019 LIVING & OTHER MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSESAll out-of-state or international students admitted to University of Reston who will be living on their own during their period of enrollment should calculate the non-tuition-related expenses relevant to their personal needs listed below into their financial planning and then arrange for the availability of adequate funds to cover those additional expenses over time.

Expense Types:


The approximate lodging cost for an individual student living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area is estimated to be $8,000. per academic year (i.e. a 9-month period).


Textbook expenses are, unless specifically indicated in the course catalog, not included in tuition fees. As all students, must obtain textbooks required for their courses before each semester’s course add/drop period ends, students should plan for a minimum of $150 per semester of enrollment.  Electronically-published books (i.e. e-books), however, are provided free of charge to students by University.

Fees & Other Expenses

Some fees are mandatory and due at the time of application or enrollment. Other fees will be periodically charged as students progress through their study programs, or when students request specific services.   All fees charged are non-refundable.

Fees Amount
Application Fee $50
Deferral Fee $75
Health and Wellness Services Fee (Spring Semester Only) $25
Change of Course Registration Fee $25
Late Payment Fee 3% of outstanding balance due at time of payment
Tuition Payment Plan Fee (Per Installment) $50
Check Return Fee $40
Credit Card Use Fee 3%
Wire Transfer Refund Fee
International $45
Domestic $25
Change of Program Fee $100
ID Replacement Fee $10
Transcrit Fee
Regular (3-5 Business Day Processing) $15
Expedited (24 Hour Processing) $35
Graduation Fee $125
Replacement Diploma Fee $50
Withdrawal Fee $100


Tuition and other fees are to be paid directly to University of Reston. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Academic Year Application Deadlines  
Students desiring to enter a specific semester must submit their respective applications by the deadlines given below.

Application Deadlines Semesters To Enter
January 15 (Decision by March 15) Summer
June 15 (Decision by August 15) Fall
October 14 (Decision by December 15) Spring (of next year)