Cancellation and Refund Policies as per Virginia State Guidelines

In all circumstances, if a student elects to drop one (1) or more courses in a given semester, to withdraw entirely from either a given semester or from the University itself, the following refund schedule will be used to determine if any compensation is due the student or if they will be responsible for additional charges:

Last Date of Attendance Tuition Refund Amount
Up to the last day of the add/drop period 100% of semester tuition
After the add/drop period and through 1/4 of the semester 50% of semester tuition
Through 1/2 of the semester 25% of semester tuition
After 1/2 of the semesterv No refund will be issued

The official withdrawal date, for the purpose of a refund calculation, shall be the last date on which a student was recorded present for a class. If that student’s payment(s), in whole or in installments, for tuition and other fees made by the final day of their recorded attendance are insufficient to cover their respective financial obligations to the University according to the above refund schedule, they will be billed for the remaining difference.If that student’s financial obligation(s) remain unpaid 30 days after billing, the University of Reston is authorized to withhold the release of the student’s unofficial and official transcripts and other school-related records.

Financial Issues Related to International StudentsIn situations where an enrolled international student’s financial obligations to the University remain unresolved for a period of time established by the school, the University of Reston reserves the right to terminate that student’s enrollment and cancel their US Government-issued F-1, M-1 or other visa enabling them to pursue an academic degree program at the University of Reston.Further details about this policy can be found in the University of Reston Catalog or can be obtained from the Office of the Bursar.

Additional Tuition-Related FeesAdditional tuition-related fees that may be charged to students include but are not limited to a/an:

  • Late payment fee
  • Returned check fee
  • Credit card use fee
  • ACH/ Wire transfer fee

Late FeesStudent failure to make any required tuition-related payment on or before its due date as per University guidelines will result in a late fee of three percent (3%) of the student’s outstanding balance. This fee will be calculated on each payment’s deadline. Other outstanding fees will first be deducted prior to payments being applied to the outstanding tuition amount.

Returned Check FeeA $45. fee will be charged for each student check returned by a bank for insufficient account funds, in addition to any other late payment fees imposed. The University of Reston will further recalculate the late fee on a daily basis until the full balance is paid and a paid receipt is issued by the Office of the Bursar. 

Credit Card Charge-Back FeeA fee of three percent (3%) of the amount charged on a credit card will be added to the student’s account for credit card use charges.
ACH / Wire Transfer Refund FeeIn the event that a student must receive a refund via wire transfer or an ACH transfer, a fee will be incurred to cover the bank charges and any other costs associated with sending that refund. International transfers will result in a $45 fee, and domestic transfers will result in a $25. fee.Please note that, in all circumstances, unless a graduating student’s account is in good standing with no outstanding financial charges to the University pending, the diplomas for the degree(s) and/or certificate(s) they earned will not be issued.