Congratulations on your initial acceptance into the University of Reston!

To continue the enrollment process and finalize your acceptance, you will need to complete all the steps listed below.

1) Locate your username provided in the Enrollment Packet sent to you by the University of Reston Admissions Office. Go create your Student Account using that username and a new password you give. Contact Support Services at: if you need any technical assistance.

2) While logged into your student account, complete your Academic Profile and activate your Student Email address. Begin using your email account to communicate with the University and your assigned University of Reston Academic Adviser.

3) From your student account, download, print out and complete in ink the required or optional forms listed. Mail these completed and signed forms to the University of Reston Admissions Office by airmail or other mail delivery service by the deadline. Please do not email these forms to the University.


  • Enrollment Deposit Form with Deposit
    Enrollment Deposit Form with Deposit (include a cashier’s check and/or international postal money order in the amount based on your degree and application along with your completed form. Do not send cash).
    Note: this deposit becomes non-refundable from the date your initial acceptance letter was first sent out.
  • Final Transcripts Form with Official Transcripts
    Along with your completed and signed form, send all official transcripts from colleges or universities you attended before. These transcripts should list the name of any degrees you earned.

Health Information Forms

  • Health History and Physical Examination Form
  • Immunization Records Form (for MMR, Meningitis, etc.)
  • Authorization for Medical Records to be Obtained/Released Form
  • New Student On-Campus Orientation Session Registration Form