To be well-prepared for the first day of classes at the University of Reston,

all newly admitted students domestic and international should complete the checklist below as soon as possible after receiving official notification of admittance to the school and arriving on campus for the very first time.

Step 1: Register your arrival

 Once you arrive on campus you will register yourself and submit any additional required paperwork you may require. You will get a change to introduce yourself to Graduate School of Business or Graduate School of Information Sciences staff and faculty present on the day of orientation.

  •  Submit any requested enrollment documents to admissions office
    • International students should also bring all your immigration-related documents to this office and submit any requested information such as: 1-20 or DS-2019 Forms, Passport and 1-94 Card, etc.
  • Submit any requested academic documents to this office of the Registrar.
    • Once registered with both enrollment and registrar office student will receive University of Reston Student Account Number.
  • Student will be directed to make appointment with academic advisor after completing full registration and receiving student account number.

Step 2: Academic Advisor

Once a student is officially enrolled, a professional academic adviser will be available to guide and collaboratively guide you  through the administrative processes and paperwork required during each stage of their academic program. The student will set up  an appointment to introduce yourself to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will be able to guide, direct and provide you degree program and specific courses you will need to take during the 1st semester and thereafter.

Step 3: University of Reston Student ID

Student will go to the Student Affairs Office during normal business hours to apply for your official University of Reston ID Student ID Card. At that time, bring your student account number, a current and valid photo ID, and printed proof of your 1st semester course registrations. Once register  you will have access to the University of Reston website so you can register for classes. The administrative fee for issuing your card will be charged to your student account. Once you receive your card, you can use it for identification, university facility access, and on-campus or off-campus student discounts.

Step 4: Course Registration

Once your register with student ID, students will be able to register for courses. Students can review relevant course descriptions and class schedules/locations listed in the University Catalog and register classes according to specified graduate degree. Student can reach out to their academic advisor for any assistance in registering for their classes.

Step 5: University Health Center

Upon completion of registration, students are asked to go to the University Health Center during normal business hours and complete the following:

  • (a) All registered students need to be enrolled in an external health insurance plan not sponsored by the University during their period of study at the University of Reston.
  • (b) Students who have already obtained an external health insurance must present documentation verifying their enrollment in that plan by the deadline stated by the Health Center.
  • (c) Students who have not obtained such health insurance yet should immediately consult Health Center staff who will recommend one or more suitable external plans they can quickly enroll in. Once enrolled, each student must present documentation verifying their enrollment in that external plan by the deadline stated by the Health Center.
  • (d) All international students must also bring their immunization documents (from their home country and/or other nations including the USA) to the Center, and then take a tuberculosis test there. The tuberculosis test fee can be paid by cash, check or credit card.

Step 6: Bank Account

Go to a bank near the University or your new residence and set up a new bank account if necessary. Your passport and some US dollar funds in cash or check forms are usually required to open a new bank account.

Step 7: Orientation

Once registered and enrolled for classes, student will register to attend the mandatory student orientation event for new students. Student will learn about University and graduate school policies, procedures and get to meet staff, faculty and other students enrolled in the program.