Matriculated students may only add or drop courses in accordance with the dates indicated in the Academic Calendars below.

During the designated drop/add periods, students will be able to initiate either of those changes using the school’s online registration system or by meeting with the admissions officer. In the event that a student successfully drops a course during the time period listed directly below, this change will be noted in their student records as indicated here:

Unrestricted Drop (UD) Designation and Time Period

  • The UD designation indicates that a student officially dropped out of one or more courses they were taking during the time period listed.
  • The UD period is from the 8th calendar day of the quarter through the 14th calendar day of the quarter.
    • A student may officially drop one or more courses they are taking during this period with no record of the dropped course(s) appearing on their transcript; in other words, while the dropped course(s) will be listed as the two letters: UD on the student’s registration history, the two letters: UD will not appear on their official and unofficial transcripts.
    • As a general rule, the original course registration and tuition fees will be fully refunded following a UD; however, for certain courses, partial or whole tuition forfeiture following a UD may occur.
  • A Change of Course Registration fee of $20. for each course dropped may also be charged at the discretion of the University.