Is my official TOEFL score report required to have my application reviewed or is the unofficial copy sufficient?

The official score report is required from either test source. We do receive TOEFL scores electronically when the appropriate codes are entered.

When are original transcripts required?

Original transcripts are required to confirm an admission offer.

How long does it take to receive an admission decision?

Once the application file has been marked complete, it is then reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Most applicants receive the admissions decision within two-four weeks via the online application.

What happens after I’m admitted and pay my tuition deposit?

Our counselor will contact you once your tuition deposit is received to reserve your place in the incoming class with information on advising, registration, and orientation

Are applicants required to have work experience to qualify for admission to the program?

Although many of our students’ do have work experience ranging from an internship/under 2 years through to 15+ years, it is not required.

Is an undergraduate degree in information systems technology required for admission?

We have an academically diverse student population, many of whom have backgrounds in information systems/computer science, others in business and the humanities, and also some who hold an advanced degree. Foundation coursework in the areas of database and programming are offered for students without a technical background.

Advising and Orientation

Will I be assigned an advisor?

Yes, students are assigned to work with an advisor throughout their program who will work with them to plan a program of study that best fits their individual goals and outside commitments.

Can you explain the purpose of the program statement?

The program statement is used to plan out a student’s classes semester by semester during your time in the program. You may amend it at any time.

Do new students attend an orientation meeting or residency?

Yes, we host half-day orientation sessions for the incoming fall and spring classes generally 1-2 weeks prior to the semester start date.

I have previously earned graduate credits as a non-degree student. Are they transferable to the MIS degree?

A maximum of 6.0 credits may be transferred into the degree. Your advisor will assess the coursework for eligibility.

Program and Schedule

When do classes meet?

Fall and spring semester and summer on-campus classes meet weekly Tuesday from 6:00 pm – 9:50 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Are students able to take classes at Main Campus and also online?

Due to COVID-19, all the programs are being offered through Distance Education. Everything is online.

How many classes define part-time and full-time study?

Part-time students usually enroll in 1-2 classes (3-6 credits) per semester depending upon their personal and professional commitments and availability. Full-time students take 3 classes (9 credits) in the fall and spring semesters.

How do I register for classes?

New students will receive instructions on how to register through the UR portal. You can contact our admissions office to get further information.

Am I required to take classes in the summer?

Students are not required to take summer classes however many choose to do so in order to complete the program in 18 months.


Is campus housing available for graduate students?

No, University of Reston does not offer graduate student housing. We have many apartments and housing options within walking distance to University of Reston.

Where can I find information on paying my tuition?

The University of Reston site has information from the Offices of: Student Accounts, Financial Aid, and the Registrar.