Providing academic services at University of Reston is an integral part of the educational process that enhances student experience. Our mission is to contribute to the success of our students by providing resources and mentoring to develop skills to become life-long learners capable of their own educational goals.

University of Reston Academic Services staff provide comprehensive academic advising services to all matriculated students. Such services assist each student in clarifying and realizing their educational goals from the beginning of their study program until they successfully complete it and graduate.

Once a student is officially enrolled, a professional academic adviser will be available to guide and collaboratively guide you  through the administrative processes and paperwork required during each stage of their academic program.

University academic advisers are available by appointment year-round to assist students in at least the following areas:

  • Introduction to Academic-related Campus Resources
  • Introduction to University Academic Policies & Procedures, including the different roles and responsibilities students and advisers respectively have
  • Organizational, Study & Time management Strategies for Academic Success
  • Career Path Exploration (in conjunction with the Career Development Office and the Career Center)
  • Educational & Career Goals Development & Implementation
  • Evaluating Student Academic Progress
  • Dealing with Special Situations (Maintaining acceptable GPA and CGPA levels, completing assigned classwork and homework to required standards, etc.)
  • Requesting Academic Exemptions (Taking official leaves of absence from the University for various reasons, etc.)
  • Planning for Graduation

Students are requested to contact Academic Services by phone (703) 953-1268 or

Toll Free: 1-800-604-5015 and by email