Due to the critical role creative, high-quality research plays at the University of Reston, the administration continually strives to efficiently provide effective practical support to all faculty and staff engaged in scholarly inquiry.

As part of this support, designated staff involved in Academic Research Development Services are knowledgeable about and experienced in important research-related activities and stand ready to assist university personnel in the following ways:

  • On-going training regarding best practices and cutting-edge technologies for sound, critical, state-of-the-art academic research
  • Identifying appropriate internal institutional and external research-related resources including relevant subject matter experts worldwide
  • Identifying internal and external funding sources for current or future research
  • Research team formulation and management including communications support
  • Preparation and coordination of proposals or other documents responding to RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, etc., for simple to complex research projects
  • Grant applications and management of grants awarded
  • Research project coordination and management (in-house and in-the-field logistics, etc.)

For more information about research-related support at the University of Reston, please contact researchsupport@universityofreston.com