Career Advising

Faculty and career counselors will be available to assist students with questions regarding their future career directions. The University’s career services counselors will assist students in drawing up their resumes, cover letters, and advise on options for possible internships.

Career services staff and faculty will assist students in building a network for locating potential employers or enhancing their existing positions within their current organizations.  Faculty will serve as mentors and advisors and will guide students, as appropriate, in other areas such as starting a business or enhancing existing ones.

Advising will be done throughout the students’ academic life while specific career services will normally be provided during a student’s final term with the university.  University of Reston will offer one-on-one appointments either in person or over the phone to all degree-seeking students.

Faculty & Career Counselor Availability

University of Reston will maintain adequate office hours so that they may be available to their students for advisement. The University will ensure that all instructional faculty teaching courses in a given semester are made available to students attending their courses for academic or course advising at stated times outside each course’s regularly scheduled class hours during the entire period each course is offered.  Students consequently will have the opportunities to interact with such faculty members during their stated faculty office hours, via email or through other mutually agreed upon ways.

Each faculty member will always be accessible to their students both during actual class sessions (i.e. internal accessibility) as well as at stated times outside of a given course’s regularly scheduled class hours (external accessibility).