Welcome from the University of Reston President!

Welcome to the University of Reston, a new concept university in Northern Virginia, where the focus is on student achievement and success – in other words, your achievement and success!

Our university began operations in 2016 with a unique and clear vision: to efficiently deliver affordable, graduate-level, globally oriented academic degree programs of outstanding quality in the fields of Business Administration and Information Systems that effectively develop practical, real world skills in our MBA, Information Systems and Cyber Security students.

Paralleling the above organizational vision is my life’s goal to impart – through effective teaching and learning – high quality, professional, and hands-on skills to students like you who seek to improve life through a university education. As the President of the University of Reston, I therefore firmly believe that the primary duty we have to you and our other students is to enable everyone’s ultimate academic and professional success through a superior form of graduate higher education that does not waste precious assets of time and money.

Distinctive and noteworthy aspects of a University of Reston graduate education include:

The consistent use of creative and effective teaching content, methods and materials.

The efficient delivery of course curricula possessing the proper combination of theoretical knowledge, technical skills and professional ethics/values currently required by the global marketplace now and in the future.

Low student to faculty ratios – not exceeding 20-1 – allowing our faculty members to give every student under their care individual attention as well as mentoring.

Academic and Student Services support staff that are well-trained, very experienced and skilled, and truly dedicated to each student’s success.

The University of Reston’s location close to Washington, DC, provides exceptional cultural, entertainment, educational, and employment opportunities to you and our other students. The university is conveniently accessible via subway, bus, and expressway.

Our student community is diverse and international in nature with enrollments coming from all over the world. Those of us working as University of Reston administrators, faculty and staff consequently encourage all of our students to share their respective cultural heritages, customs, and celebrations with others, and support everyone in forming on-campus cultural bonding communities. We further envision our international students utilizing the skills learned at the University of Reston to make strong social contributions that improve the lives of their fellow citizens when they return to their home communities and/or countries post-graduation.

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to the University of Reston. I am certain you will learn valuable skills, both for business and life while here, and that you will tremendously enjoy your experience with us.


President, University of Reston